Resilience CAP

Our goal is to increase agricultural resilience through the adoption of diverse perennial circular systems of forage and crop production. 

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Resilience CAP

The Resilience Coordinated Agricultural Project is a collaborative research, education, extension, and outreach effort aimed at improving resilience of agricultural systems by 1) discovering adaptive production and socioeconomic strategies that help shield producers from impacts of climate change and market shocks; and 2) encouraging adoption of perennials, diversification, and integration of livestock with forage and crop production for greater agricultural resilience from field to farm scales. 


Our transdisciplinary team conducts research on multiple aspects of agricultural production, including the social, economic, and agronomic aspects. We are learning about many types of resilient agricultural operations across the US, and are testing our hypotheses with a series of on-farm and small-plot research.

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Shout out to Amanda Ashworth and collaborators, who have publishied their work on the Data ForageHub in the article “Framework to Develop an Open-Source Forage Data Network to Improve Primary Productivity and Enhance System Resiliency.” – Agronomy Journal