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Farmer Resources

This page provides a centralized hub of information and tools tailored to farmers.


As more Americans have reliable internet access, web tools are becoming invaluable for decision making and record keeping.

Our team of experts is working on multiple web tools for you. The MatchClovertool will help you select clovers for your needs based on your area, soil type, rainfall, and maximum and minimum temperatures. MatchForage is a similar tool, that will help you select grasses, legumes, and forb forages for your needs and conditions. Its beta version is being finalized.

Did you know?


U.S. agriculture products are produced on family farms/ranches


of rural Americans have internet access, based on a survey by Pew Research Center

Farmer Network

Developing a large network of farmers to learn from, focusing on what makes their system resilient.

This project follows a participatory research/extension approach and establishes a farm network. We will gather a three-year cropping and livestock history from each farmer through a written surveys. For comprehensive insights, soil samples will be collected for two of the three years from a specific location on each farm. These samples will be analyzed for parameters like soil health, soil P, soil K, pH, soil bulk density, organic matter, SOC, and nitrogen. In addition to this, we’re collecting social and economic data from our farm network, involving direct farmer engagement in surveys, interviews, and focus groups to help understand their decision-making process.

If you are interested in joining our farm network, please follow the link below.

MatchClover Webtool

Check out MatchClover! MatchClover is a website that helps people choose the best type of clover for their specific needs based on where they live, their planned usage, and management strategies. The website provides information about different types of clovers that are used for grazing, improving soil health, attracting pollinators, and wildlife.

Under the tool’s Species Selection tab, users enter their location, planned usage and other details, and the website will suggest the best type of clover for those conditions. The Soil tab provides maps showing soil drainage, salinity, and pH across the US. The Weather tab gives you more information on your hardiness zone, annual precipitation, and July Mean/Max.

MarchClover and MatchForage are based on research and are peer-reviewed.